Rev up your favourite chair and come with me to revisit my latest trip to Mexico... land of beaches, jungle, strange flora and fauna, excellent people, mariachis, tequila, food, and so much more!

Details and Tips

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pretty Puerto Vallarta beach
A pretty but polluted Puerto Vallarta beach


Swimming Tips

Check out these links on the state of Mexico’s beaches. You may have to use a translation plug-in.'s excellent and factual articles about Mexican beach pollution

Contaminated beaches in Mexico, a state secret

Puerto Vallarta

Where I stayed

  1. Hotel Ana Liz ~ Francisco I. Madero #429, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

My little hotel was clean, quiet, and pleasant. My room had a tiny balcony overlooking the street and it would have been perfect to sip a beer and chill out but, alas, no alcohol was allowed in the hotel.


Don’t swim in the ocean unless you want to end up in the hospital. This has nothing to do with sharks.

Barra de Navidad and Melaque and Tenacatita

Where I stayed

  1. Posada Pacifico ~ Calle Mazátlan #136, Barra de Navidad, Jalisco
  3. Casa de Marco ~ Avenida Veracruz #165, Barra de Navidad, Jalisco

Best Eats

Melaque ~ Los Cocos, a tiny, open-air restaurant on the north end of Melaque’s long beach ~ Best breaded, butterflied shrimp I have ever eaten in my life. Sip a beer. No flies, thanks to the gentle ocean breeze.


Cuidado! Take great care when walking on the sidewalks of Barra. Look down and pay attention to where you put your foot, otherwise you could have a nasty fall like I did. Take a look at the first photo below. Do you see a major drop-off coming? I didn’t. Now, look at the second photo. My thong is 10¾ inches in length. The drop is another half of that. The riser on that step is 15 inches high! It is very, very dangerous!

approach to dangerous fall
The approach to a fall

my thong in relation to the step
My thong against the dangerous, 15-inch high riser

Tlaquepaque and Tonala

Where I stayed

  1. Hotel Posada de la Media Luna ~ Juárez #36, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
  2. Hotel Casa de las Palomas ~ Anesagasti #125, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

Best Eats

Tlaquepaque ~ Sandwich & Friends, Francisco de Miranda #26-A ~ A cozy but modern restaurant near the main plaza. Excellent Arrachera Beef, which is steak, salad, rice, and bread. Best food I ate in Tlaquepaque.


Where I stayed

  1. Posada San Francisco ~ Avenida Juárez #178, Guanajuato, Guanajuato


Guanajato is rainy and cold. In fact, it rains more in Guanajuato than in Vancouver. So take a good rain jacket, or a small umbrella, and a lightweight warm sweater.


Where I stayed

  1. Hotel Casa Grande de Taxco ~ Plazuela de San Juan No. 7, Taxco, Guerrero
    Hotel Casa Grande on TripAdvisor

Despite the negative reviews on TripAdvisor, I have stayed here several times since 1972 and I like it. The same family still owns it.


Parts of Taxco are on a steep hill. The streets are cobblestone and thus slippery. I do not recommend leather-soled shoes on the cobblestones.