Rev up your favourite chair and come with me to revisit my latest trip to Mexico... land of beaches, jungle, strange flora and fauna, excellent people, mariachis, tequila, food, and so much more!

Vamos a México

Destination:Barra de Navidad
Mission:to snorkel in the azure waters off Barra de Navidad

Barra de Navidad from the air
Aerial view of Barra de Navidad

This is a compact version of my last trip to, from, and inside Mexico. It was July 2008.

I made my first trip to Mexico when I was 21 years old and, since then, have travelled to Mexico many times and experienced many amazing adventures.

I met and enjoyed the company of amiable locals, swashbuckling drug dealers, other foreign tourists, judges, photographers, Folies Bergère dancers, and the President of Mexico’s son.

These are all reasons why I love Mexico... the people, the language, the variety of cuisine, the variety of music, the artists, the countryside, the fascinating history, and, most importantly, it’s not Canada.

But enough talk. Come with me as I revisit Mexico 2008.

My Itinerary vague at best

map of Mexico trip

The red dots indicate where I went, but I can’t quite remember how I got there, or in which order. My memory may return as the story unfolds.

The Road to Puerto Vallarta and far beyond

All experiences and coincidences are very real. Like a Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movie, every Gale road trip includes music, comedy, drama, romance, action, and some element of danger. Except this one! Either Mexico has changed, or I have.

I began my trip in June, in Vancouver. My bus ticket had an expiry date so, even though the wet coast was heating up and I would likely be the only tourist in Mexico at this time of year, I had to leave.

My destination? The glorious, gorgeous beaches of southern Mexico — Barra de Navidad, to be specific. For months, I had been dreaming of lounging on the sand, margarita in hand, waves lapping on the shore as the distant rhythms of salsa music drift on the breeze to my soft cotton hammock on the porch of my beach palapa.

It didn’t turn out quite like that.